I Appreciate You!

Remember handing out Valentine cards at school? Expressing feelings can be scary, but receiving those cards sure felt good! We’re so busy at work and in life these days it’s easy to forget to show others how much we appreciate them.  Those three little... read more

Five Levels of Leadership

Leaders develop, if they develop, through a series of sequential stages, and these same stages exist in all cultures. They are, therefore, universal and invariant, built into human nature. To ignore this reality is to jeopardize our efforts to transform organizations... read more

What You’ve Got to Know If You Want a Promotion

If you’ve ever applied for a promotion or new position you’ve probably carefully reviewed your experience to justify in your mind why you should be the one.  You’re ready to tell the higher-ups about your qualifications, the hard work you’ve done, your... read more

Feeling Stuck? It’s Time for an Office Detox

Scientific research shows you gather things around you and decorate your work and home spaces for purely psychological reasons – because it makes you feel good. But sometimes all the stuff you have in your office can get out of control.  A messy office not only looks... read more

Feeling Low? Boost Your Energy at Work

Wouldn’t it be great if you felt energized, enthused and excited about work every day?  When you love what you do it’s a lot easier to feel that way, but even those of us who love what we do have down days from workplace stress or times when our energy... read more

Five Valuable Lessons for Balancing Work and Fun

February 5, 2013 by Linda Hardenstein I went to an auto body repair shop a couple months ago to get a dent fixed.  It was 8am and I asked for an estimate. “Oh, the owner will be right back.  He just went to get some coffee.”  Noticing my impatience because I too had... read more

Six Tips for Keeping Distractions at Bay

Up Your Power to Achieve and Balance Your Life By Linda L. Hardenstein With so many things vying for your attention throughout the day, it’s easy to lose valuable time, energy, and money from being distracted. One study found that 2.1 hours of your day can be... read more

Holiday Overwhelm Remedy: Take These Simple Steps

By Linda L. Hardenstein Wow! Where did this year go? With Thanksgiving just around the corner I feel the pressure of the rush to start my holiday shopping, get my cards and greetings done, shop for turkey day next week – yikes! I’m behind and I haven’t even started... read more

Overwhelmed at Work? Up Your Energy

If you’re like most of us, you’re overwhelmed with work on a daily basis. What’s the secret to being able to effectively manage all you have to do with all you have on your plate? There are many tips for conquering overwhelm that I share with my... read more

What?! Step Away to Get More Done?

If you like getting things done it’s easy to convince yourself the most productive way to go after it is to sit at your desk, focus, and plow through whatever is on your plate until you are finished. I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent hours... read more

Burn Out: Beat it Before It Beats You

If you’re a high-powered career woman, you know what it takes to stay ahead of the competition — dedication, focus, a willingness to take everything on, travel, extra hours, maneuvering in a lean and mean environment. I lived this lifestyle. What I... read more

What Does Your Office Say About You?

Most of us think about the image we want to put forth, especially in the workplace. We dress for success, create logos to send a specific message, create cards and ads that brand us, but we often forget that our work space also sends a message about who we are and our... read more

What Does it Take To be a Great Woman Boss?

Would you rather work for a woman or a man? “The Conversation: Male Vs. Female Bosses, on Forbes.com (April 2010) references several studies, one showed 90% of women surveyed preferred male bosses. I’ve been contemplating women in leadership roles since I... read more

What’s Your Fast-Track Edge?

It is that unique key, that authentic quality, characteristic, talent, or set of skills that unlocks your potential so you can gain the success you want in work and in life. We all have an edge but it’s not always easy to access or to know how best to use it to... read more

Stuck in Overwhelm? Tips for Breaking Free

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed with work these days. There’s just way too much to do. Even though its a common situation we all respond to being overwhelmed a little differently. Some of us get ratcheted up and fly around like chickens with their heads cut... read more

Want More Balance In Your Life?

One way to get more balance in your life is to find your rejuvenator and give it free reign! What is a Rejuvenator? Rejuvenation is serious business. Without it stress and overwhelm run rampant in our lives. “Your Rejuvenating Identity is a state of mental suspension.... read more

Some Welcome Relief

It’s easy to be busy and stressed out these days. A study conducted by LifeCare in May revealed 81 percent of American workers feel overwhelmed with all they have to do at work. I’m always looking for ways for me and my clients to stay balanced and in... read more

Slow Down, You Go to Fast!

“The Faster I Go the Behinder I Get.” This saying was in my uncle’s sign shop to remind him and my dad to take their time hand-lettering signs instead of going to fast and making costly mistakes. I was reminded of it last night. I really wanted to finish... read more

Overwhelmed? Get Some Quiet Answers

Have you noticed when it comes to solving a problem that getting in a tizzy or keeping your knickers in a knot isn’t very productive? The more intent you become on getting an answer the more elusive the answer is.   It’s only when you give up and least... read more

What a Coach Can Do For You

Google’s CEO says it best: When you’re overwhelmed with too much to do and too few resources, a little coaching guidance can get you unstuck, identify next steps, validate what you want, stir up ideas, or create a welcome shift that makes life a whole lot... read more

Overwhelmed at Work? Tips for Taking the Leap

Overwhelmed at work? Have you had it? If you’re ready to take the leap and find a new position or career that brings you more peace, greater control, more work/life balance and exciting learning opportunities here’s 4 tips for making your transition a... read more

Feeling Overwhelmed at Work?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work you’re not alone. A LifeCare poll conducted this month found that 81 percent of workers feel “overwhelmed or burned out” and 40 percent have trouble functioning at work. If you feel this way, the first step... read more

When Overwhelmed Isn’t Enough

Have you ever been in a state of overwhelm and ignored it to do “just one more thing” only to have it backfire like this? Isn’t it amazing how stretching limits can create unintended consequences? Maybe you’ve had the experience of rushing to... read more

Overwhelmed? Asking and Getting Help at Work

If you’re overwhelmed at work one option is to do what this mail carrier did. According to this Suntimes article she “told investigators she was ‘overwhelmed'” with the amount of mail that had to be delivered. She left seven tubs of undelivered... read more

Conquer Overwhelm By Re-Energizing Your Office

With breathless enthusiasm an East Coast friend described the long-awaited Spring — blue sky, warm sunshine and delicate Cherry Blossoms. No matter where you live, Spring enlivens the spirit. Our environment is rejuvenated with lush green hills and trees. We too... read more