Management/Leadership Training & Executive Coaching

This Program is for you if:

You have people working for you who lack sufficient skills and:

  • Take up a lot of your time because you have to handle things they can’t
  • People are complaining to you because the manager, supervisor or leader isn’t effective
  • You take their work on because you can’t count on them

What You’ll Get:

  • Skills for new and existing leaders to become efficient and effective at managing and leading so they confidently do their own work freeing you up to do yoursattyinoffice
  • Better communicators who gain the skills to handle difficult interpersonal situations so people are open to talking to them directly and costly conflict is avoided
  • Instead of a leader with a team that is disengaged, uncooperative and creating chaos, you’ll get a respected leader with a committed and loyal following.

How the Program works:

  • Training will be custom designed to provide the skills your manager/leader needs to be successful and to meet your objectives
  • Each trainee will receive follow up coaching to integrate and apply the new skills and behaviors learned so your training dollars aren’t wasted
  • Assessments, tools and resources, will be supplied to support participants’ learning and attainment of agreed upon objectives
  • At the completion of the engagement you’ll see results and get a final report showing the return on your investment.

Let’s schedule a mutually convenient time to talk about what I can do for you and your organization.