Training Programs

Linda Hardenstein delivers leadership retreats, workshops and skills training that provides the proven, practical solutions you need to get the job done.  Contact Linda to discuss how her presentations can be customized to meet your needs.

Succeeding With Your Millennials

Although they are bright and tech-savvy Millennials can have the attention span of a gnat, don’t like to follow the rules and feel entitled to advance quickly. Gain a new approach that has:

  • Your Millennial employees more engaged and successful at doing what you’re paying them to do
  • You saving money on training and recruitment
  • You protecting your investment in them by keeping them motivated and wanting to stay

“She is very relatable and personable. … I found her sage advice very beneficial.”



Management/Leadership Training 

Today’s leaders, managers and supervisors are required to do their jobs and to manage, motivate and inspire others to get the job done. Give them the skills and performance advantage they need to:

  • Manage people and situations more effectively
  • Develop the tools necessary to get the work done
  • Motivate their team to higher performance
  • Gain the polish and professional presence needed to succeed

A polished speaker with depth on the subject matter … Her presentation was well received.”

Conquering Overwhelm for Happier Employees

Half of US workers report being overwhelmed with too much to do. How do you do your best, generate results, and have a life under these conditions? There is a way … but just working harder isn’t the answer.

  • Recognize the “Overwhelmed Mode” so you’re in control of it instead of it controlling you
  • Discover why your brain won’t always allow you to get as much work done as you would like
  • Get 10 actions you can do now to convert overwhelm to efficiency, regain control and be less stressed

“It’s amazing how spending one hour focusing on this subject could so clearly guide me on exactly what I need to do to make improvements.”

Communications Training 

  • Learn the top 5 things that cause communication failures and transform them into clear messages that get results
  • Find solutions you didn’t know were possible
  • Resolve conflict and emotional quagmires you shouldn’t even be dealing with

“Linda has done the work and she has isolated the key improvements and mindset strategies that take you ahead further and faster to where you want to be.”