For Law Firms

Are your Millennial associates driving partners crazy?GroupAre they saying they’re “too busy” to take on more work, can’t work late, or coming across as lazy, disloyal, undedicated, disrespectful of authority or unwilling to pay their dues?

Do they expect to advance too quickly or to be handed opportunities that you just can’t give them?

Millennials, those born between 1980-2000, are a whole new type of professional in the work place.

Although they are bright and tech-savvy, energetic, confident and innovative, they can have the attention span of a gnat, question authority, disregard the rules, and feel entitled to advance quickly.

You may have tried to reign them in, but, nothing seems to work.  Throwing your hands up in the air you may find yourself saying, “I wish they would just grow up and get with the program.”

The truth is, a new approach is needed.

Something that’s going to get them what they need and get you what you need.

I work with partners to turn your millennial associates from a pain in the a** into true assets, by improving interpersonal skills, creating roadmaps to success, and coaching them to meet your performance expectations.

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