Boy oh, boy I hear this all the time — I’m overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time to do all of it. How do you deal with all of it?  

  1. If you’ve got limited resources and great expectations you’ve got some decisions to make. You have four choices: do nothing (remain overwhelmed and decide you’re fine being that way), find more time, lessen the amount you have to do, or get some help.
  2. The “do nothing” approach provides the perfect opportunity to complain about how busy we are and to be a victim of the outside forces dictating how we live our lives.  Making a commitment to take control of your life and deciding to do something about it puts you in the driver’s seat. 
  3. If you chose the “find more time” option, this can be tricky.  You’ve either got to work more or take something off your plate. What can you take off your plate? If you’re going to work more, how much more and when? Once you decide, honor the limits you set and stick to them. 
  4. If you decide getting help is the most practical solution, don’t be afraid — just ask!
Let me know if there are questions you would like answered. Also let me know your own experiences with finding more time.  Looking forward to seeing what you have to share in the comments … 

Linda L. Hardenstein, MPA, PCC, helps professionals like you who have the challenge of staying as efficient as possible given their busy schedules get systems and structures in place to get more done each day, do more for your customers, and get rid of that feeling of overwhelm that keeps your stress levels way too high.