“I wish I could catch my breath.” “There’s not enough hours in the day.” “I have a ton of stuff to do.” “I need to do this, and this, and this.” “I’m so worn out. I need to get fired up to get all this stuff done.” “I’m so overwhelmed!” We can get to these places before we know it. How do you stop doing too much stuff?

Take 10 minutes. Take a deep breath. Listen to this music.  Take in the beauty of these pictures. Ask yourself the questions below and write down your answers.

1. Why am I doing all of this stuff?

2. What is most important right now?

3. What can be moved to another day?

Now take action! (And if you find that a challenge, take a look at the previous post “Stuck in Overwhelm? Tips for Breaking Free.”)

Leave me a comment and let me know if this helped.

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC, America’s Overwhelm Coach, helps you break free with practical, unique personal systems, procedures and strategies to get things off your plate so you can accomplish more with ease, spend more time with family or just enjoy life.