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Ready to experience more happiness, satisfaction, reward and success?  I’ve created a range of products and services designed to help you do just that.

Your Love-it-or-Leave-it-Plan:  Clarity and Success in 60 Days or Less

If you’re not getting the results you want in your career, we’ll find the hidden barriers limiting your success and breakthrough them by plotting a new course for you.  We’ll figure out if that job that isn’t working for you … could be made perfect with just a few adjustments, or if it’s time to plot a new course no matter how long you’ve been struggling or settling.  I’ll work with you privately to get you that clarity, get you unstuck and get you moving forward in your career either way.

This package includes three 60-minute coaching sessions to be completed in 60 days  or less where  I work with you personally to develop your customized, THRIVE Blueprint for creating the optimum conditions in your career.  You’ll get tips, tools, strategies and action steps that you can start taking now to transform your work situation.   It is based on my years of success in helping hundreds of people move from just surviving to thriving in their careers.  If you’re ready to take focused action, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Gain Your Edge with a Peak Performing Office

Make your Workspace your Success Space by arranging your office space to shift the flow of your energy, to power up your confidence, reputation and success, to increase your income, to achieve your goals, to make clients or co-workers easier to deal with, to make your days more productive and your workspace more positive, welcoming and stress-free.

I use universally accepted and proven Feng Shui principles combined with business fengshuireportprinciples to give you an edge in 7 easy steps by assessing your workspace and making over your office so that it empowers you to achieve your goals, makes you feel great at work, and so that it makes a powerful statement about you, your potential, and the value you bring to anyone who enters your space.  This program includes:

  • A workspace assessment
  • Two 60 minute reviews of your space (in person, by phone or online)
  • A written report with easy to implement changes that I will guide you through
  • A follow up review to make sure you get the results you want
  • Unlimited emails and phone calls to answer any questions you may have along the way


This package is based on the success I’ve had working with leaders, coaches and business owners as I’ve guided them in reaching or exceeding their career and business goals.

Annual Strategic Workspace Assessment

Successful people know where they’re headed and typically set annual goals to pinpoint what they want to accomplish over the next year in their business or career.  Strategically aligning your physical workspace to support you in accomplishing those goals is a powerful way to achieve what you want.  With this Annual Strategic Workspace Assessment you receive a 2-hour consultation to go over your goals, review your workspace and get tips on how to make your Workspace Your Success Space providing you an edge in creating your ultimate success.   Contact me to schedule your annual strategic workspace assessment.

THRIVE Formula™ — Creating All the Conditions for Optimum Success

This premiere program is for people who are committed to a career, working environment and life 100% aligned with their talents, values and purpose.  It includes my revolutionary and in-depth Authentic Career Assessment that pinpoints why you may be dissatisfied in your current position and what you can do to find more joy, passion and fulfillment in your work.   You get:

  • Your on-line Authentic Career Assessment, Personal Workbook and Written Report
  • 3 hours of coaching with the Assessment Analyst and me over the phone to review and validate your results
  • Recordings of the assessment review sessions
  • Options for your authentic, purpose-driven career
  • 3 private 60-minute career advising sessions with me full of strategies and steps you can take to get moving forward on a new, more rewarding and fulfilling career path
  • Coaching on how to handle your current work situation


  • Bonuses that support your job search. Depending on your needs:  resume review and revisions, LinkedIn profile review and revisions, interview strategies and preparation, networking strategies, etc.
  • Additional sessions with me at special rates
  • Unlimited email and short phone calls when you need them


This premiere signature coaching program is based on the success I’ve had with hundreds of professionals.  It will empower you to find more fulfillment in your work and change how you see yourself forever by providing insights and knowledge that can serve you throughout your lifetime.  Contact me to find out more now.

For Organizations

Customized packages are created to develop leaders and increase your organizational excellence.  Pricing is depending on your specific situation and needs.  Please contact me to schedule your initial consultation for a  needs assessment, proposal and estimate.