Your Peak Performing Office

Workplace headache At the end of your workday do you feel exhausted, stressed, stuck or overwhelmed … like all of your personal power was zapped right out of you?  Or is there plenty of energy left over to enjoy your personal life?

If someone stopped by your office would they get a sense that someone successful and productive worked there?  Or would it convey a lack of control, discomfort … or even chaos?

Do you find yourself searching for somewhere, anywhere else to work than in your office?

Do you wish there was a way to feel more energized, in control, confident and to get done what you want to accomplish?  Look no further …

Whether you realize it or not, what your office says about you, and to you, all day long, speaks volumes.  If you’ve ever walked into a high-powered board room and just assumed the person at the head of the table was in charge, or entered an office and felt an instant sense of respect for the person behind the big desk — or fear from sitting across from it — then you’ve experienced situational energy and positioning and it’s very real.

Where you sit and the energy in your workspace has an impact on your personal power, your reputation, your confidence, your ability to attract what you want, Officeyour productivity, your success, your executive presence and your well-being.

For thousands of years, eastern cultures have practiced the ancient art of Feng Shui to optimize ones environment for success. And time and again my experiences, my client’s experiences, and even science has proven that the impact of your environment is very real.  It sends a message.  And while the effect may be obvious or more subtle, it is never neutral. Your workspace typically either supports your business or career success or it detracts from it.

So, what does your office say about you?  Does it reflect the successful image you desire? Does it make you look – and feel – like a peak performer who is energized, confident and capable?  Or does it undermine your value and sabotage your effectiveness?  Why not find out?

                                              “Let’s turn your Workspace into your Success Space.”

I create Peak Performing Offices in 7 easy steps to power up your energy and enhance your success.  My clients have reported dramatic results in their business and personal lives, including:

  • Making more money
  • Attracting more clients or career opportunities
  • Experiencing more confidence, power and control at work
  • Finally getting unstuck and accomplishing their goals
  • Increasing productivity and decreasing overwhelm
  • Achieving long-sought after promotions
  • Establishing more harmonious relationships with co-workers and bosses
  • Improving health and a sense of overall well being


If you want to feel more energized, empowered, balanced and in the flow of success … to get more of what yofengshuireportu want and confidently perform at your peak contact me for your 30 minute Peak Performing Office Discovery Session and begin to make your career or business success easier, more lucrative and rewarding.

Linda sees what you don’t see.  She reminds her clients “everything in your space is sending you, your clients and those you work with a message, whether you are aware of it or not, so surround yourself only with things that energize, empower and support you in maximizing your success.”