Is it possible to be productive without working so hard? Evidently so according to The Business Insider’s article on the ability of the French to work shorter hours and produce more. 
Clients who take my Overwhelm Busters® classes learn about a productivity study conducted at a major corporation some years ago. A group of employees were asked to spend an hour of their work day doing absolutely nothing (this down time was in addition to their lunch hour). At the conclusion of the study those who did nothing for an hour a day saw an increase in productivity.
When we give ourselves some down time our brains get an opportunity to process things and come up with creative ideas or solutions to our most pressing problems. Why not take a lesson from the French and give ourselves a break? 
This summer is the perfect time to do your own experiment. Give yourself some well-deserved rest and down time and see how much more you get done. Let me know how it goes by leaving me your comments!
Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC, is a personal achievement coach who helps women professionals leverage their high potential, develop authentic careers and make powerful decisions that increase their profitability and effectiveness. Contact her through her website.