Providing coaching, training and facilitation to develop your people for greater effectiveness and organizational excellence. All services are customized to your needs and are guaranteed to show a return on your investment.

Cultivating Managers & Leaders

This is for you if you want new and existing managers and leaders to:

  • Build their interpersonal skills
  • Develop stellar people management skills
  • Be more efficient and effective in their roles
  • Confidently do their own work so you don’t have to
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Confidently and successfully handle difficult interpersonal or conflict situations
  • Build high functioning teams
  • Create a positive, productive work place
  • Develop a loyal following rather than one that is disengaged, uncooperative and creating chaos
  • Feel valued, supported and appreciated

How this program works:

Facilitating Teams for Solutions

This is for you if you:

  • Need a diverse group to find a workable solution
  • Want better communication at all levels
  • Need to transform a dysfunctional team
  • Want solutions for seemingly unsolvable situations
  • Need high engagement and participation
  • Expect recommendations to be implemented
  • Want a meaningful vision, mission and strategic plan
  • Need less conflict and more productivity from your group
  • Want a skilled neutral third party facilitator who can make it happen

How this program works:


Relieving Overwhelmed Employees

This is for you if you have a constantly connected workforce and want:

  • Strategies to help workers conquer overwhelm
  • To improve worker morale, positivity and engagement
  • To increase the productivity and satisfaction of your workers
  • Performance solutions for an individual employee who can’t keep up and is worth saving
  • To decrease employee stress
  • Solutions for addressing this urgent and costly trend of employee overload


How this program works:


Managing Millennials

This is for you if you want: 

  • Relief by knowing how to work with your Millennial professionals
  • Your Millennials motivated and productive
  • Millennials to get the career development support they’re looking for
  • Performance evaluations to run smoother
  • Feedback conversations that are less awkward
  • Your Millennials to be engaged and to stay
  • To save on recruitment and replacement costs
  • Your Millenials to grow the skills needed to expertly serve your clients
  • To ensure your training dollars aren’t wasted
  • To show a measurable return on your investment

How this program works:

Developing Your People

This is for you if your organization:

  • Finds it difficult to fill positions with internal candidates
  • Needs to increase the skills and talents of experienced workers
  • Can’t find qualified candidates in the marketplace
  • Wants a qualified workforce to promote from within
  • Needs a sustainable, skilled workforce for your future
  • Wants to save on recruitment and replacement costs
  • Wants to achieve maximum engagement and participation
  • Needs a return on it’s investment in it’s people

How this program works: