Talent Development Program

This is for you if you:

  • Don’t have a qualified workforce for the future
  • Find it difficult to fill positions with internal candidates who already know your business
  • Have employees who have been there for decades who haven’t been growing their skills
  • Can’t find qualified candidates in the marketplace to meet your needs

What You’ll Get:

A career development program that is customized to your company’s specific needs and:

  • A qualified workforce so you can promote from within
  • Increases the skills and talents of experienced workers
  • Builds a sustainable, skilled workforce for your future
  • Saves on recruitment and replacement costs
  • Is designed to achieve maximum participation and engagement, which means a tremendous return on investment for your company

How it works:

  • We’ll identify what you need to make sure the program attracts participants and meets your objectives
  • It’s structure will be aligned with your mission and culture
  • Support will be provided to ensure successful implementation
  • You’ll achieve results and see a return on your investment

Let’s talk about what I can do for you and your organization.  Contact me or call me at 831-233-9186 (Pacific time) to schedule your mutually convenient complimentary consultation.