Group/Team Facilitation

Diverse TeamThis is for you if you:

  • Need a diverse group to find a workable solution
  • Want better communication at all levels
  • Need to transform a dysfunctional team
  • Want solutions for seemingly unsolvable situations
  • Need high engagement and participation
  • Expect recommendations to be implemented
  • Want a meaningful vision, mission and strategic plan
  • Need less conflict and more productivity from your group
  • Want a skilled neutral third party facilitator who can make it happen

What You’ll Get:

A highly-respected, neutral facilitator who guides your team or group experience that:

  • Is designed to achieve your desired outcome
  • Produces a high-functioning team that has ownership in the solution
  • Encourages participation and engagement of the group in the process
  • Generates solutions and a tremendous return on your investment

How it works:

  • An initial consultation will have us identifying what you need and what I can do to ensure your objectives are met
  • The group process and structure will be aligned with your mission and culture
  • I will be on site to facilitate your team, debrief and provide the information you need to ensure your objectives are met
  • You’ll achieve results and see a return on your investment

Let’s schedule a mutually convenient time to talk about what I can do for you and your organization.