Success for Organizations

Get More Productive, Profitable and Positive Results

“Accelerate your individual and organizational success by developing your people.”

If you’re a leader in an organization you most likely have your hands full with plenty to do.  You may spend a lot of your time putting out firesDiverse Team and the last thing you need is to be doing your job plus the job that your managers should be doing.

Do you wish your managers or employees were better equipped to handle challenging situations?

Would you like to experience fewer hassles so you can get more done?

Are you seeking a fully developed and capable workforce you can rely on now and into the future?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your solution is closer than you think!

I provide government agencies, law firms and corporations customized skills development services that improve individual and organization performance.  Individuals who have received coaching from me have greatly increased their efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, improved overall communication and have excelled at meeting expectations.

Organizations who have hired me to create a development program for their employees receive a program that we develop and design together to take into account your special needs and challenges.  Your employees get a career path that shows them what they need to succeed on the job and since we gain their buy-in during the development phase we know the program will be used and your precious resources and efforts will not be wasted.  You get a program that is easily implemented, that develops your talent now and for the future and that is sustainable.  It gets you measurable results for your dollars spent.

As a Georgetown University trained, experienced and certified leadership coach (since 2002) I have over  20 years of experience leading, managing, training, consulting, building, implementing and running successful multimillion dollar programs.  Working with me organizations get someone who understands organizational dynamics and helps them realize:

  • increased productivity from their staff for faster turnarounds and increased profits
  • a more engaged workforce that you can count on
  • a workforce that is aligned with and achieving organizational goals
  • improved communications overall and a reduction in costly conflict
  • a qualified workforce that saves you recruitment costs and meets future needs
  • high performance teams that get more done

 “Get more done with fewer hassles … “

Whether you need coaching for your employees to improve on the job, to be able to confidently take on a lindaricknew assignment, for your teams to function better, or a career development program that prepares your workforce for the future, working with me you get results and a return on your investment in a short period of time.

To maximize your daily efforts and accelerate your success take the first step and contact me or call 831-233-9186 (Pacific time) to schedule a complimentary consultation.  We’ll design a strategy and I’ll provide the tools for you to achieve the results you want.