Success Stories

From Powerless to Powerful.  The director of a department was dreading yet another meeting with some powerful Washington lobbyists because those men never listened to her or took her seriously.  Through her work with Linda she discovered, unbeknownst to her, that her office environment was disempowering her and putting them in the power position.

When we rearranged her space, she experienced a remarkable outcome in her next meeting with the lobbyists.  She was on top of her game, negotiated what she wanted and described her meeting as the best she’d ever had.

Experiencing the benefits of an empowered workspace she hired Linda to increase the confidence of all of the managers in her department.

From Money Drain to Beyond Profit Goals.  An entrepreneur was losing money. In just a few minutes reviewing his office set up we figured out the cause and made a few changes.  Within 6 months his business profits were 130% of goal.

Shifting the Past to Secure a Promotion. A project manager in a big East Coast firm wanted a promotion and she hired Linda to help her get it.  Maybe she didn’t realize what kind of a message her stuffed animals were sending. They may have been appropriate for a teacher or child therapist’s office, but they didn’t reflect the type of hard-hitting VP position she was applying for (and landed once her office was changed to be in alignment with her goals.)

From Sabotage to Success.  A web designer was slowly leaking money and power from her life. She was talented and her clients loved her work but she was somehow sabotaging her own success.

Linda suggested changing her home office furniture.  Her desk faced the wall and a window. This drained her power and focus.  We found a great spot for the desk that supported her creativity and confidence.  Next was the bed placement to help the client feel more empowered during her restful state.

More light was added to areas that needed to be illuminated as well as working on color to create more balance and a sense of authority in the home.

The web designer had tremendous shifts in her approach to working with clients and was empowered to start charging more for her services. She also created on an internet product that she could sell as a standalone piece. Her creativity flourished, money was coming in again and she was feeling happier than she had in years.