Transform Your Career

Your career should work for you instead of you giving up your life for your career.” – Linda Hardenstein

Are you thriving or just surviving at work?  If …you hate your job or

  • You feel trapped and stymied at work
  • You’re asking yourself “why am I here?” or “why am I doing this?”
  • Energy and passion doesn’t exist and you’re just doing it for the money
  • You’re  drained and there’s no energy left for living
  • You consistently work over 40 hours a week and feel burned out
  • You complain to friends and family about your job, your co-workers and the culture of your organization


You’re in survival mode.  And, if you’re feeling this way, it is definitely time to examine your career path.  You are probably misaligned in one or more of the four main areas that allow individuals to THRIVE in their work.

Believe me I know what it’s like not wanting to go to work, feeling like a square peg in a round hole because the job you’re in isn’t the right fit.  It is miserable, depressing and debilitating to not use your talents, to be underappreciated, to feel trapped and to be justifying why you have to stay.  I also know how many years being in the wrong job, with the wrong people, can take off your life, if you even have a life!  So let’s change this now, CLICK HERE to set up a complimentary session with me.

“Finding and creating your life’s work will bring you more abundance than any other single action you can take.”


My own experiences ending up in jobs that weren’t the right fit for me led me to develop proven strategies to end my suffering at work and to learn to thrive.

Now I’m dedicated to providing professionals like you a new path that positively changes your circumstances where you are now, or helps you get the heck out and into a job that’s right for you, where you’re supported, working at your potential, appreciated for your contribution and more satisfied at work and in your life.  After all, when you’re doing what you love and what you were meant to do everything becomes a whole lot easier because you’re going with the flow instead of fighting against it.

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