Are you “good to go?”  In today’s LinkedIn post Japan Airlines President Yoshiharu Ueki talks about how top-banthe clothes you wear impact your confidence, motivation and performance.  If you’ve ever dawned your favorite outfit, or “power suit” the day of an important business meeting, presentation, special event or interview, you know …

How You Dress DOES Affect Your Attitude. 

Have you ever felt sick or just plain tired and had to get dressed up for an event or work? It’s not that easy to put on your power suit when you’re feeling weak and would rather be wearing sweats!  On the other hand, when you’re feeling down in the dumps in your sweats a change of clothes can make you feel brighter, chipper, more energized and optimistic.

Your Environment Affects Your Attitude Too. 

Have you ever noticed how a cluttered office can drain your energy, have you feeling overwhelmed, depressed, behind and maybe even incapable of succeeding?  If you’ve ever stopped mid-stream to clean up your office have you noticed how having a “power office” and a clean, clear desk can provide the brightness, clarity, calmness, focus and confidence you need to succeed?

Attitude = Altitude.

How you dress and the environment you create for yourself does affect your attitude, confidence, productivity and ability to succeed because it also influences how others see you.  Learn more about how you can get ahead in your career by using your personal image and your environment to create a positive attitude and to create influence, confidence and to communicate your competence while avoiding the 3 Massive Image Mistakes Professional Women Make that Keep Them Overlooked for Promotions and Kill Their Credibility. 

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