One way to get more balance in your life is to find your rejuvenator and give it free reign!

What is a Rejuvenator? Rejuvenation is serious business. Without it stress and overwhelm run rampant in our lives. “Your Rejuvenating Identity is a state of mental suspension. It allows you to separate from constantly crafting your talents, skills and abilities and using them to meet the needs of others,” says John Voris, inventor of the Life Theme Assessment (a unique tool I use with my clients who want more balance in life or to find a career that resonates with who they really are).

Why is it Important? I find many clients who are burned out from working all the time don’t really know what rejuvenates them any more. Losing touch with your rejuvenator is like losing touch with your spirit. It keeps you from burn out and balances your life.  

So how do I find it? Your rejuvenator is something you do that is totally different from who you really are, or who you think you should be in the world. For example, if you’re a straight-laced, suit-wearing professional like an attorney, your rejuvenator might be riding your Harley over the weekend. If you’re someone who works with people all week, like a Realtor or a retail sales clerk, your rejuvenator might be reading a book at home alone over the weekend. To find your rejuvenator think about what kinds of activities re-energize you or give your mind a break.

The weekend is the perfect time to explore what brings rejuvenation and balance into your life and to go do it! 

Want to find out more about your rejuvenator, the Life Theme Assessment, or how to find more balance in your life? Send me a question or comment below and I’m happy to respond.

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC, America’s Overwhelm Coach, helps high-level achievers get unique personal systems and procedures in place to accomplish more with ease, leverage their teams effectively, and spend more time with family or just enjoying life.