Workspace Success Testimonials

Linda is fantastic.  She really helped me align my physical space with my business goals. Now my space is much more conducive to higher levels of performance. I noticed a difference immediately in my presence and my workflow. It’s wonderful to have a space to work in that supports and builds upon my business success. – M. V., Leadership Coach, Pennsylvania

Linda Hardenstein is a very talented consultant and coach. Linda helped me address the clutter in my house. With her coaching I made more progress in 8 weeks than I had in 8 years. And, as things in my home got cleared, some pretty amazing things began moving in other parts of my life. I am thrilled with the direction and the outcomes Linda has helped me achieve — the best investment I’ve made in years. – M.S., Leadership Coach, New Jersey

Linda is great to work with, very personable and really gets it, she is an excellent listener and mirrors back what one needs to hear. She is also highly intuitive and picks up on the slightest nuances and inflections. My husband and I highly recommend her for Feng Shui, as the consultation for real estate sale that she did for us on two homes was remarkably helpful. – M.M., Physician, Washington

Feng Shui has been practiced for thousands of years. Using this art through Linda’s direction, she helped me within minutes improve the ambiance of my office — allowing me to feel more relaxed and effective AND attract more clients within one week of making the change. I highly recommend Linda. – G.F., International Executive Coach, California

I was stunned at how accurately Linda assessed my work and living environment and how it impacted my life. She pointed out the challenges I had in both my home and home office. I immediately implemented her biggest suggestions; changing my office and my bed placement. In just two weeks I had the confidence and willpower to release a client that was undervaluing me and underpaying me. – M.W., Web Designer, California